OH SNAP IM ON INSTAGRAM NOW!! It was a phone issue!!

instagram tab

I have finally after being called out as old school since I try to check Myspace….you know for the bands.  I dont really Twitter much but now I dont have to say anything…except after a hashtag.  But on a serious note, I seriously need to update my phone! I now have to delete history and racy pics in favor of trying to be funny with pictures. I hope more people will follow me @robertothecomic on both twitter and instagram….. I probably wont post a lot of food pics cuz I think its mean to countries who don’t eat like we do. And two Im not rich yet so I dont eat at fancy places.


Illustrious Few Live in the Studio!!



Here in the Studio!! I’ll Few droppin their record LIVE!!! It’s pretty cool to be around artists who are in creative mode and not trying to compete. Thank god for creative artists since the world would definitely be boring!! I’m bouncin my head like I have nothin to do for days!!