Throwback Thursday! Video from 2003

This is a video from back in the day from 2003!! Its nice to see how far I have come……I hope! hahah

Stand up comedy is very unique. It is an art form that can make people laugh, cry, be angry, a multitude of emotions. It is also one that is scary sometimes. When you start out it’s about being in front of people.  When I started I didn’t know how to tell a joke!!! I just went on natural instincts! Well now 10 years later I hope I have learned a lot!  My 1st 4 years I did comedy once or twice a month and I thought that was a lot! Till I got to LA!! Then I realized that I didn’t know a thing about comedy!! I came to the center of the world for comedy! I saw stars in the hallway that I was so intimidated by!! But that 1st time Dave Chappelle bumps you off a show cuz he wants to do 4 hours! The Point being is that I didn’t have a back up plan, I still don’t! Comedy to me isn’t really something that I do but it’s who I am! I’m Lucky that I get to do what I love. I do like to just make people laugh!!  If you have been on this ride Its only just starting!!

What the Heck was I thinking in 2003!!

What the Heck was I thinking in 2003!!


OH SNAP IM ON INSTAGRAM NOW!! It was a phone issue!!

instagram tab

I have finally after being called out as old school since I try to check Myspace….you know for the bands.  I dont really Twitter much but now I dont have to say anything…except after a hashtag.  But on a serious note, I seriously need to update my phone! I now have to delete history and racy pics in favor of trying to be funny with pictures. I hope more people will follow me @robertothecomic on both twitter and instagram….. I probably wont post a lot of food pics cuz I think its mean to countries who don’t eat like we do. And two Im not rich yet so I dont eat at fancy places.