Roberto Rodriguez is the next fresh face of comedy. With his explosive energy he is able to make every live performance memorable. For the past 8 years one thing defines every performance, Energy! Roberto draws on his lifes experiences, family, and general life observations.


Growing up Roberto bit an extension cord and as a result was left with a significant scar. To defend against ridicule he developed a quick wit and gift of making people laugh. It wasn’t till he went to a comedy show with a comedy school flyer, that Roberto started his career with the Tempe Comedy College in Tempe, Az. From there he continued studying comedy and helped grow the local comedy scene. The school gave him an opportunity to venture out and open other rooms giving more opportunities to hone the skills as one of Phoenix’s top comics. He also became a regular at The Comedy Spot and opener at the Tempe Improv which gave him a great spring board.


As the comedy scene grew, Roberto was tapped as a rising star in mainstream comedy. With numerous shows including Latin Comedy Explosion and the Latin Princess’of Comedy, Roberto has garnered critical acclaim for his detailed characters, voices, and ability to engage the crowd and bring them into his head. After 6 long years Roberto auditioned for and was chosen for the 2007 Latino Laugh Festival. Riding on the success and exposure of the Festival, he moved to Los Angeles to take his career to the next level. He has been showcased at the Laugh Factory, Regular at the Hollywood Improv, Richard Villa’s Refried Fridays, and is an opener/showcased at the Ice House as well as touring the country.


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