Today is a new day. This is a post from FB about FEAR

Id Like to say that I live a wonderful life. I am blessed to work in my artform. But there are times of fear that is part of human emotion.  I posted it because a lot of people I know have fears that disable them, or leave them paralyzed mentally. So Its normal. The only time I do not have fear is the moments when I step onstage and rock it out! Thats my true drug, medicine, everything.

What the Heck was I thinking in 2003!!

What the Heck was I thinking in 2003!!


Im scared everyday. But that’s okay we have something inside us that helps us cope with fear. I’m scared of heights, of not being a good son,bro,cousin,uncle,grandson,comic. Did I make the right choices in life? Scared to succeed and scared to fail. Scared I’m not good enough, that people won’t like me, think I’m funny, disown me. Scared I’ll never have a family, scared I’ll be so busy being successful that i can’t keep commitments to everyone. But in the face of fears you realize who you are. Fight or flight. Simple enough but sometimes your fighting both sides. I choose to fight, love myself n my family , n with all my faults ,be the best person I could be. We are all enough n im thankful for every like,comment,ticket bought,and every other level of support you have shown me. Im grateful! All seriousness aside this is a great strain lol


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