Rick Ross Sextape?!!!!

I have heard from a very reliable @mediatakeout that Rick Ross has a mixtape! 1st of all We are about to go to war in Syria that is so convoluted with Al Quada ties and this makes the news. I know I perpetuate this but the world is so wierd that I use these as a distraction so that I dont actually do something about the problem.

Now to Rick Ross. Who in the h e double hockey sticks wants to see this shit!!!  1st I call Rick Ross the Kim Kardashian of Hip Hop, except the sextape is later in the game. He cannot do one record on his own like Kim cant do a show alone. He bites peoples swag like Kim did with Paris Hilton.  Seriously hes trying to portray Biggie and even took Freeway Ricky Ross’ name! And to post it to Instagram is gross. Heres a link to the original article. Rick Ross Sextape?!!!!!!!