MY FIRST COMEDY CD “MAMA’S BOY” ***WORLD PREMIER!!!***** (in my world :-)

I am excited to announce that I will be dropping my brand new comedy album!!!! Thanks to my boy,  Dj John Blaze ( @JohnBlazeHD for twitter and IG)
I literally didn’t even know I had this in my computer! I was just looking at a video from January 2013 that I filmed at the Speakeasy Comedy Lounge.  Well the video was washed out but I did get the audio!! If you have seen me perform, you might think I am just a physical comedian. WELL your right!! 🙂 I only know one speed!! But this night was special for some reason! I had friends and family there, some of whom have supported me since I started!!! As I listened to it I realized I had a viable CD!! Check out the artwork!!!!

My 1st comedy CD!! World Premier!!!!!!!!!

My 1st comedy CD!! World Premier!!!!!!!!!


I called it “Mama’s Boy” because I kinda am!! If you seen my comedy she is a big part of my show!! I will be PREMIERING the CD at my show Sunday May 5th at Stand Up Scottsdale, as featured on “Bar Rescue” on SpikeTV. Tickets are $5 and the 1st show copy will be $5 .   Now This is because Phoenix is where I am from and have seen my comedy since the beginning!! ** I will have copies made and are for sale everywhere else for $10!! The quality is great but its not the packaging that cost money. I hope my friends and family know that this material has cost me tons of years of refining what I do. So $10 for my work is not much if you think about it 🙂




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